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Experience the transformative power of a precision-cut tailored to enhance your individual features and lifestyle, sculpted by our master stylists who merge timeless techniques with the latest trends.

Ignite your persona with a striking color makeover that resonates with your style, performed by our seasoned colorists who masterfully blend tones to amplify your natural beauty.

Illuminate your look with our signature highlights that add depth and dimension to your hair, meticulously woven by our experts to create an effortlessly sun-kissed radiance.

Reclaim your color confidence with our expert color correction service, a meticulous process that rectifies hue mishaps and restores your hair’s radiant, balanced tone.

Embrace a world of luscious curls and waves with our top-tier perm service, combining the artistry and technical skill of our stylists to create volume, movement, and a lasting impression.

Experience the transformative power of our Brazilian Blowout, a smoothing treatment that tames frizz, enhances shine, and reveals a sleek, glossy finish that lasts for weeks.

Revitalize your locks with our customized hair treatments that target specific concerns from root to tip, combining high-end products and expert application to restore health and vibrancy.

Strengthen and protect your hair from within with our Olaplex/B3 service, a revolutionary treatment designed to repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate even the most stressed strands, for hair that’s noticeably healthier and more resilient.

Rainer ChaddRainer Chadd
11:32 11 Oct 22
Fantastic day getting a haircut and beard trim in Grapevine. The place has a great staff that is very friendly and will make you feel like a million bucks when you’re done.
Lacee JonesLacee Jones
00:24 06 Aug 22
John did such an amazing job on my daughters hair. Thank you for making her feel beautiful and build up her confidence for 7th grade. She can’t stop looking in the mirror.
Priscilla LemusPriscilla Lemus
18:43 05 Mar 22
I went today not really sure what to expect and hoping someone could bring my hair to life and Tina did just that. I knew what I thought in my head wouldn’t be doable just yet but she completely exceeded my expectations. She contemplated and went over different things out-loud of what she could do and just went for it. I’m so glad that I landed in her chair this morning. I can’t imagine not coming back to her. Thank You Tina and Renatas Salon. Such incredible professionalism and kindness. I will be back in a couple weeks!
David FusonDavid Fuson
21:13 01 Sep 20
I LOVED this place! The salon is in a very cool old 2 story victorianish house. The decor, at least in the halls and the room I got my haircut in, were very interesting. They had records on the ceiling and all types of different knick knacks and kit about.Tim, who cut my hair, was a nice guy. He spoke when spoken to and asked me a couple questions but it was laid back. I did NOT feel, as I often do while getting my hair cut, that I was undergoing an inquisition.Finally, the products he used actually smelled good. I think it was "spiced tobacco" but it smelled "manly" but not overwhelming. So I did not feel like people would think I had just walked out if a French house of illrepute.I WOULD recommend it for a haircut without reservation. It was not cheap however. If you want cheap goto Sport Clips, if you want an upscale haircut experience go see Tim at Renata.
Brit and Sean WilkinsBrit and Sean Wilkins
13:46 25 May 18
Military Spouse new to DFW-areaI came to Renata as a brand new resident of Dallas. As a military spouse, we've lived in a lot of major cities across the US which means I've been to a LOT of salons (Charlotte, Philly, Charleston, Detroit, San Francisco). Needless to say, I am always TERRIFIED of having a poor experience at new salons because I am not a natural blonde and my hair usually takes a beating every 5 weeks (I do a full highlight to keep up with my dark roots). I was BLOWN away by all facets of this salon.Color Quality for Blondes + KnowledgeMy colorist was Aaron, and she completely "rocked my locks off"! The color line she used was Goldwell, and the result is STUNNING. I have a tendency to fade over time and turn very brassy. From the minute she took off the towel I knew the tone and glaze was different and above and beyond anything I have had before--bright color, beautiful placement and rhythm throughout with a ton of dimension, and a "glow" and "shine" that is really difficult to accomplish on heavily colored blonde hair like mine. She was also very humble and honest about my horribly dry and broken ends and recommended a good cut to create a solid baseline together. I am so glad she suggested this and I feel so much better, having chopped about 6 inches of damaged hair that I was clinging onto. Now I have consistent coloring throughout, and beautiful ends which I know will grow much faster than ever before! Why has no other stylist been able to get me to this point?! Aaron is a gem.Customer ServiceI honestly loved everyone I came into contact with; from the owner via Yelp to set up my first appointment, to the receptionist that is sweeter than a butterfly, to Aaron who I am NEVER leaving (I will travel to the ends of the Earth for her talents and magnetic personality!)Visuals + DecorHoly beautiful! Everything is an "experience" in this place. The decor is on-point, the large Victorian entryways make you feel like a queen, and the multiple stories and Parlor outside tell stories of a whimsical past.Thank You AaronMy "hair days" have always been about relaxing and taking the time for me. It's a special opportunity every few weeks to feel special and release any stress I've been carrying around with me. I can tell you that my experience with Aaron was very special. She made me feel special and took so much care and time with my hair. She is so talented and I am truly blessed to have found her! I walked out feeling more beautiful than ever, and to me that is unequivocally priceless.